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  • 01. Play

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01. It's time for your greatest move!

ACE, Pentakill, Team Kill or POTG - every gamer has his own PRO moments. We know it’s hard, we know that luck really matters, but we also believe you can make it!

02. Record the last 30 seconds.

It's hard to plan the best action moments, with SHU you don't need to record the whole session and edit it later, just make that great, unplanned move and PWN your opponents, then record it AFTER it happens - with just one click.

03. SHUt or it never happened!

Share your SHUts with your friends with the speed of light by pasting short links on FB or in messengers.

Support all games including:

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Download SHU Download SHU

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*Mac OS version currently doesn't support video

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