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How does it work?

counter strike screenshot

1. Take a screenshot

While playing, press Ctrl + Shift + F. Your screenshot will be automatically saved in the cloud and a link to it will appear in your clipboard, ready to paste. You can change the key combination any time you want in the settings.

Want to save a great score or explain a new strategy? With SHU, it will only take you 0.3 s!

counter strike screenshot

2. Modify your screenshot using the built-in editor

SHU lets you edit your screenshot in many ways, including adding your own text, colorful frames, arrows and shapes, as well as blurring parts you don't want to show.

All changes are saved and updated automatically. You only have to send the link to your friends once – they will always have access to the latest version of the screenshot.

counter strike screenshot

3. Share your screenshot with your friends

Your screenshot is ready to share in 0.3 s – that's how long it takes to automatically generate the link and save it to the clipboard.

Press Ctrl + V to paste the link anywhere you want or share the screenshot directly on Facebook.

Key functions

Fullscreen screenshots in all games

Smooth performance even in 4K

Ability to see who views your screenshots

Unlimited space

Password protection

Instant sharing

Easy in-app editing of screenshots

Try it with no registration.


1. What are the system requirements of SHU?

Negligible. If you can run any of the games currently available in stores, you will be able to run SHU without any issues. The app is only about 57MB 49MB 81MB in size, which means you can download it in a few seconds and, after installing, run it in the background without putting any strain on your computer.

2. Is SHU really free?

Yes, SHU really is free. Although we plan to introduce paid accounts in the future, enhanced with extra features, we promise that we’ll never cancel the free version of the software, which you can download now from the official website.

3. What games does SHU support?

SHU supports all DirectX- and OpenGL-based games, which account for 99% of all games currently available in stores. If you encounter any issues regarding the compatibility of the app with any game, let us know – we will do everything we can to fix it.